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As much as we hate to admit it... when it comes to naturally losing weight there is no magic bullet.  The answer is simply taking in fewer calories.  As easy as that sounds it is almost impossible to do because of hunger. 

                           Hunger will ruin any diet every time!

Finally, we have an affordable, natural food that is nutritional, filling, satisfying, tasty, and convenient that will elliminate hunger and allow us to take control of our diet so that we can lose weight rapidly!  This cookie and diet was named for the intensive Research and Development (R&D) project that created it.

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                                     Dorothy Palmer

                                           Research Scientist and 
                                   Creator of the R&D Diet Cookie


The Research and Development (R&D) Diet Cookie was created by a Research Scientist with over 30 years experience in Research & Development to (1) Eliminate hunger, (2) Promote Rapid Weight Loss, (3) Curb your appetite allowing you to stick to your own diet or to a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) approved by your own doctor.

The R&D Diet Cookie is a low cost cookie diet that will: 

        · Keep you from craving foods 

        · Keep you from obsessing over food 

        · Boost your energy 

        · Keep you feeling full because they contain NO ingredients that promote hunger! 

        · NOT keep you up at night 

        · Help you take control of your eating so you can stay on your weight loss program 

        · Put you back in control of your life... not your cravings!

Lose Weight Quickly without using diet drugs! Try the low-carb diet plan... it is a combination of our cookie diet plus atkins. There is a synergistic effect that increases weight loss and makes it easier to stay on either a low-calorie or low carb plan longer. Follow our blog for free diet plans and ideas for easy weight loss.

If fast weight loss is your goal... 1. Simply eat 5 or 6 of the hunger fighting diet cookies throughout the day. They taste good and are filling and they are known for their hunger control. You will have energy and you will feel satisfied. You won't be obsessing all day long with "What can I eat? Or, how many calories/fat grams/carbs are in that?" 2. Then eat a sensible dinner of about 400 calories... Usually 6 to 8 oz of lean protein and steamed vegetables. Add a tossed salad, diet pudding, pickle and/or tomato, fruit, or anything else that allows you to stay under your calorie goal. No Magic - This cookie diet aid is engineered to simply control hunger allowing you to stick to your own diet or to a very low calorie diet (VLCD) approved by your own doctor.

Why choose an expensive cookie diet when you can have a great tasting cookie that works just as well... actually better! Multiple studies have been done and the R&D Diet Cookie has repeatedly come out ahead in both taste and effectiveness. For fast weight loss or for maintenance, the R&D Diet Cookie is the best choice for your weight loss program. Compare us to the largest cookie diet companies and the choice is clear... we work better and taste better. Why pay for fancy packaging and advertising? We keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you. what would you rather have... a fancy package or a low cost solution to your dieting problems.

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